Ways to store your Will

By Paige Webbstock, Staff Writer.

There is no particular place the law says you have to deposit your will document. You must choose the option that it most appropriate and safest for you.


1. Leave it with your lawyer

If you use a lawyer to write your will, they’ll usually store the original for you free of charge and give you a copy. Make sure you double check, just to make sure. Most lawyers will also store a will they haven’t written, but there will most probably be a fee.

The pro of this option is that attorneys are regulated so if the will is lost or damaged, you will have recourse to make things right. The con is that if this professional didn’t write your original, you could incur an additional fee. 


2. Store it with a will writing service

If you use one of these services, they will often store it for you at an additional charge.

A pro is that this can cost less than using a lawyer, but always check the cost before committing. The con is that you may have less protected should something go wrong. Always ask what would happen in the event of damage or loss, or if the service went out of business. And always keep a copy for yourself.


3. Store the document yourself

You can keep your will along with your other documents in a safe, or anywhere else you like. Just ensure your executor knows its location. 

The pro is that this is totally free of charge. The con is that this is the riskiest of all three options, as it may be lost, thrown away or damaged accidentally. 


Note: It is important to never attach other documents to the will with staples, paperclips or anything such. These leave a mark on the document and will raise questions about whether there is a page missing or an amendment. This will make things more difficult for your executor. 


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