Changing Your Will

By Sarah Hughes, Staff Writer.

Many people opt to change their wills when their financial situation changes, or when they have children or grandchildren. Depending on the type of change you are making, you can either add to your existing document or write a new one. The following steps will help you decide what to do:


Should you change your will?

Every now and then, it’s a good idea to take the time to review your will to ensure it still says what you would like it to. You should definitely review the document if:

  • Someone you have named in your will passes on

  • You have children or grandchildren to now consider

  • You get married (note: marriage might revoke your will so make sure to double check this)

  • You get a divorce


You shouldn’t alter the original will document. If you want to make a significant number of changes, it may be better to create a new one. If you do make a new will, you can revoke the old one by simply destroying it.


Using a codicil document will allow you to make small changes to your will – such as changing executors or adding a legacy.


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